Change, Change Agents, and Changers

June 20, 2008

Innovation is all about the guts to inspire change, and the guts to actually change the way you do things yourself.  Whether it is in a big company, at a small startup, or in a political election, change is a powerful word.  It is even more powerful of an idea.

Sometimes change comes from the top down.  Sometimes it comes from the bottom up.  But I think the best kinds of change are two-sided.  It takes the people to initiate the change, and then the people that follow them.  It takes someone to change the way something is done to get people to change the way they do it.  And it takes the people to do something differently, to get someone at the top to provide them a means to do it differently.

The change agents are those people that will openly try to change things.  They put themselves out in the public eye and talk about how differently things could be.  The changers are those that will follow them.  Changers are the people that are so inspired to actually put words into action.  In Barack Obama’s campaign, we proclaim him to be a changer.  When really, it takes the people that believe in him to actually get things done.  If no one believed in him, the change he talks about would never happen.

When a company changes the way you buy products, it takes the consumers that believe in the new system to make it work.  When people decide they want a new way to get information, it takes someone at the top to deliver it to them.  It is a give and take game that ends in innovations on a grand scale.  Don’t look for one person to change the world, because although change agents can make us believe, it takes the efforts of the masses to create a real difference…