Reinvent the Steal

June 25, 2008

In reality, there is not a lot to this innovation thing.  Have you ever been sitting around and thought to yourself that there was a company that could be doing something, just one thing, differently?  If they did this one thing maybe they would be more successful, more efficient, better for consumers, etc.  Well that is an opportunity to innovate.  If they aren’t going to change, maybe you could.  Or at least force them to.

Everybody will tell you that you do not have to “reinvent the wheel” to find success.  There are not a lot of completely original ideas left in the world.  Chances are, most things have already been invented, or at least tried before.

Reinventing the steal is all about taking an existing an idea and making it your own.  Companies thrive on competition, and, in most cases, are defined by it.  There is room to improve on all the ideas that are already being practiced.  If you are looking to start a company, look to the companies that have found success.  Think about the things that they are not doing well, and build a company that competes.  Differentiate yourself on the one or two levels that you know you can do better.

This can work on all levels, and we have seen it time and time again.  Google was not the first search engine, but they do things differently, and better, than the others.  Starbucks was not the first chain of coffee shops, but they created an image unlike all the others.  This is not the first blog about innovation. Now its your turn. 

Take an idea that you like, that has worked, and make it better.  Change the marketing approach, change the level of service you provide, change the way your organization is structured.  These can all lead to success in a competitive marketplace.  Don’t ever be afraid to test the big boys, there is plenty of business out there for all of us.