The Head Nod Theory

In the world today, we are moving at the speed of light.  Our business lives and social lives have been moving faster and faster over the years.  We tend to think of our time as the most valuable thing, and we do not want to waste it.  We want everything instantly, and create and use technologies that help us get it that way.

Even the smallest things have been reduced to their simplest forms.  “Thank you” as become “thanks”.  “Good morning” has become “morning”.  “God Bless You” has become “bless you”.  And a simple head nod has replaced any kind of greeting.  We are moving along so quickly in life that our words and interactions must be limited to a least common denominator.

Now while all of those examples are trivial, and I used them somewhat jokingly, we do have to take notice of the sudden need for speed.  In today’s economy, business deals get done in the blink of an eye.  The time for major analysis and back and forth negotiation has past.  Those businesses that have made the leap and taken the risks to move forward at a faster pace have been most successful.  Hesitation can kill you nowadays.  Don’t fall victim to speed, just nod you head and keep moving.


One Response to The Head Nod Theory

  1. He/She/He really/she reallytried to/attempted to use, but it really didn’t/did not/wasn’t going to performsin any respect/in the east/completely.

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