Hiring and Team Leading for Innovation

August 19, 2008

There are a lot of ways to inspire, empower, and encourage innovation and innovators within your company.  The trick is finding the ways that work for you and your employees and sticking with them.  Ride the wave of innovation for as long as it takes you.

For both small and large organizations, hiring can be a great time to create new innovation.  Most times, at any level of the company, a fresh pair of eyes can do wonders.  They can help you see problems that you overlooked, or opportunities that you could never find.  Being in one place too long has a numbing effect, and sometimes all it takes is a fresh outlook on a business to generate new growth.

Innovation within proven organizations and teams can come from a lot of places, but it almost always is a product of great leadership.  There are multiple ways to inspire your “A” players to continue to innovate.  First, create brainstorming meetings across departments and allow people to connect to one another.  Generate many ideas and then focus on narrowing it down to one great new idea.  Then select a team and give them the full responsibility for that new project.

This will give them a passion to get things done.  It will also highlight the work they are doing and provide guidelines for which they will be judged and rewarded.  “Innovation Teams” within the scope of a larger organization should have the freedom to operate on their own while utilizing the many assets available to them within the company.  A little freedom can lead to a lot of creativity.