Start at Home

August 26, 2008

I realized that my last two posts have seemed kind of bleak, and very negative. So I figured today would lend itself to something a little more upbeat. And I was right. There is nothing like a reference in another blog to get the juices flowing again.

In a blog about working from home, the entrepreneurs over at, used my “Be Innovation” rallying cry to talk about starting a business on your own. Thanks guys, and I am glad you see exactly what I was talking about.

Starting your own business out of your home is a great way to focus on being innovative, and inspiring change from the bottom up. Many of today’s most successful businesses started at the smallest level. Apple, a company I love to talk about here, started out of a rented garage in California.

And technology advancements have made it easier than ever to do anything from anywhere. I know that sound s vague, but we live in a vague world. The boundaries of time and space are literally collapsing all around us. Think big, but start small. Start from home and build a business that you are in love with.

As a great example, a friend of mine recently told me about how his dad started a tutoring company. It started very simply from a single tutoring job at his home. He was so good that he got references on top of references. So he hired college students to help make all of his appointments. And so the company was born. Now they tutor elementary and high school level students across the county.

You can make a difference on any level. We all can. You just have to get started.