Jobs for Innovators

August 31, 2008

One of the great things about tracking your blog stats is that you can see what people are searching for when they come to your blog.  One of the phrases that led someone here yesterday was “jobs for innovators”.  That prompted me to think about what that phrase meant.  Obviously if someone is searching for it, they probably consider themselves an innovative person.  Maybe they are unhappily employed, maybe unemployed, or maybe just curious.

I believe that true innovators will flourish in many different types of jobs.  True innovation comes from within, and can cause change in any situation.  There obviously mindless jobs out there, jobs that don’t encourage new thinking, or much of any thinking at all.  But more and more, this economy has bred new “thinking” jobs that never existed before.  There are new business development positions, research and development positions, consulting positions, all screaming for innovators.

Innovative thinking has become an unspoken requirement for many of the positions created within organizations large and small.  The best thing you can do to get a job where your innovative spirit can flourish is to make it clear to prospective employers what you are capable of.  Put skills in your resume that make you seem creative.  List past experiences that led you to think outside the box.  And in your interview, talk about your passions and desire more than your hardwork and determination.

In the end, someone looking for a job that they can innovate in won’t be happy in a job without that perk.  So don’t be afraid to weed out the employers that will crush your innovative spirit.  Remember, though they are interviewing you, you have to also be interviewing them.  Innovators must be put in a position where that kind of thinking is encouraged and appreciated, so go out there and find it.