Don’t Fire Innovation

If you have a chance to watch “The Pixar Story“, a documentary about the incredible production studio that continues to knock out hit after hit, please do.  It is definately worth the time.

The story begins with a few young animators at Disney, and their dream to use computer animation in films.  Disney put together a team to test the new technology, and promptly fired the leader of the team, John Lasseter, right after their initial presentation.

Disney made the decision that they were not going to pursue this new technology that had so many people excited.  Granted, Lasseter and his team may have been far ahead of their time.  But Disney displayed an amazing amount of close-mindedness in their decision to terminate Lasseter.

So, instead of realizing the error of his ways, John continued to pursue computer animation and his dream to make a feature film.  After years of struggle, Pixar put out its first full length computer animated motion picture, Toy Story.  Under the direction of John Lasseter, the film was bigger than anyone could have imagined.

Being a leader in the field is being an innovator.  John Lasseter, and the rest of the founding team at Pixar, are innovators at heart.  They had a dream that most people said would not come true.  But through hard work and determination, made all that much harder because of Disney’s anti-innovative decisions, the team succeeded in grand fashion.


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