Reader Submission – Mine Field Combine

September 29, 2008

Since posting last week on the Google “10 to the 100th” project, I have received various emails from people on the subject. Some just wanted more information from me on the nature of the contest, some wanted to know what my ideas were for the project, and a few submitted their own ideas to me. One of the first that I got was very interesting.

It came from an engineer in Bulgaria (potentially my first Bulgarian reader).  The idea was a prototype for a robotized combine for cleaning minefields. He included a detailed report of how the system would work – robotized-combine-for-cleaning-mine-fields – based on a search and destroy method that would neutralize entire fields at once. Though I have a limited knowledge of this type of engineering process, the idea did seem to be within reach.

This would help many people living in areas that have a history of wars and violence. Mine fields are not only responsible for civilian casualties years after fighting is done, they also destroy soil that could be used for farming. A better system for clearing old minefields is clearly needed to protect future generations. Google would do well to pay attention to this specific submission.

Thank you to everyone that has submitted their ideas thus far, and please keep them coming.