Take a Day for Innovation

In a small business, it is common to caught up in the little details that dominate your day to day activities. Routines get built up, small projects take longer than expected, and you end up stuck doing the same things day in and day out. That is why it is necessary to take a day, or at least a few hours, from time to time to think outside the box. And what better day to do this than a holiday.

There is something that we are doing at my company that I wanted to share with you as a suggestion. On Columbus Day, which is this Monday, instead of taking the day off, we are having an “Innovation Day”.

On Innovation Day, we will stay away from the phones. We will stay away from the computers. We will stay off of our email. We will not break out the task list and go through the details of every tiny project we have to work on.

Instead, we will spend the day in solitude or in work groups, and brainstorm. The goal of the brainstorm is that there is no goal. This offers a chance to speak and think freely about the business on a larger scale. It gives people the chance to voice their opinions about where we have come, and where we should be headed. And it allows time to focus on NEW projects and ideas that could be put to use in the near future.

On a day when most people will be taking off or getting caught up on the little things, we will be innovating. And scheduled innovation time is always a good thing, because even if nothing big comes from it, it inspires and energizes a group of people to think about things a little differently. And that is good for a company of any size.


3 Responses to Take a Day for Innovation

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  3. watch5 says:

    I love it,Excellent article.I am decide to put this into use one of these days.Thank you for sharing this.To Your Success!

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