The Truth about the Facebook/Google War

Google embodies everything that we dream the internet can be.  Their search engine transformed the way we found information.  And through the years, it seems like they lead the way for other internet companies to build their own space.  They represent freedom.

Facebook represents the newer, more united internet.  A network of people that grew out of control because it filled a void that we never even knew existed.  They lead the way in an area that has taken off in the last 3 years.  They are the epitome of social networking, and continue to grow their aspirations almost as fast as they grow their reach.

For these two companies, to say that they don’t directly compete would be very shortsighted.  Almost every online company must be aware of others, and these are the two giants of our time.  They are far and away two of the most innovative companies on the net, and they have enough money and power to dream and accomplish many things that we have yet to even contemplate.

As they grow, they also grow fearfulof what other internet powers meet do.  Though they will not openly say it, they must be afraid of losing out on the next big thing, or being beaten to the punch of some new project they are working on.

The poll from my last post shows that the majority of respondents felt that it was a good thing that these companies have been fighting back against each other.  And of course, in the traditional business sense, competitionis a good thing.  The internet, which represents freedom of ideas and information, must be a competitive marketplace, with no one company having too much control.  In this way, the pressure these companies put on each other will lead to each of them working harder.

But competition, perhaps especially on the internet, can make companies fearful and greedy.  This is an area that we have only started to understand.  Internet startups and entrepreneurs have proven that there is a limitless value to the online world.  We have only scratched the surface of its use.  And it seems that if these two giants worked together they could unlock more of the hidden magic in this marketplace than working against each other.

In my eyes, competition is good for the consumer when a market has limits.  When companies battle over set market share, they add value to their products and get better.  But in a field that has no limits, does a head to head battle make sense?

The internet is still a fresh, relatively undiscovered field.  In the coming years, we will no doubt develop new uses that are yet to be conceived.  And it is going to take companies acting on their own terms to continue to innovate and develop these new areas.  A Facebook vs. Google internetmay not be the best scenario for anyone involved.  The two companies share many of the purest and most innovative qualities that have made both of them successful in the online world.  They should continue to develop these commonalities and find a way to coexist without competing in order to get the most out of the internet in coming years.


4 Responses to The Truth about the Facebook/Google War

  1. […] Google embodies everything that we dream the internet can be. Their search engine transformed the way we found information. And through the years, it seems like they lead the way for other internet companies to build their own space. The Truth about the Facebook/Google War […]

  2. Ross says:

    Hi Zach! Long time no speak. I stumbled upon this at work, and I’m bored at the moment, so I feel like responding.

    First off, I can’t agree that Google represents freedom. While it’s true that when people say “Google” the first thing that comes to mind is “search engine,” but in reality the core of Google is anything but. They are about advertising, and getting as many websites as possible to use it. It’s hard to find a website these days that doesn’t have Google on it ( or

    Google made a reported 10 billion off advertising in 2006. far more than any of it’s other aspects. I can only imagine that going up, and I don’t think Facebook threatens that market much despite it’s growth as a networking superpower. There is certainly competition there, but I think both are so entrenched in their respective niche markets that they don’t pose much of a threat to each other.

    Also, as far as the conflict that does exist between them, I think a third party needs to be mentioned, and that’s Microsoft. They’ve just announced changes that will be implemented in Windows 7, such as a web-based word processing and spreadsheet applet, that are no doubt meant to compete with Google’s similar apps. If Google and Facebook plan to go head-to-head in the future, I think it’s a safe bet that Microsoft will want to get in on the action.

  3. Zach Heller says:

    All very good points. Advertising is Google’s cash cow, and the very thing that lets them do everything else for free. But its interesting that when Facebook was looking for a partner to supply ads they went with Microsoft and not Google, as many people expected. That leads into your other point about Microsoft. They have done everything in their power to try to compete with Google, and a giant investment in Facebook just goes to further that point. A failed purchase of Yahoo earlier this year ended up hurting them in the Google battle, and they are sure to continue to try to defend themselves against the internet giant.

  4. watch5 says:

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