Goal Setting Can Lead to an Innovative Year

I’ve noticed that many blogs and bloggers have started to list or discuss goals for next year.  Over the next few weeks, many people and companies alike will reflect on how they performed in 2008.  They will most likely look at goals and projections that were made at the beginning of the year to on which to base this evaluation.

Goal setting is an important activity for a number of reasons.  First, it gives you a chance to take an objective look at your company from the outside.  You can evaluate where you are, where you ought to be, and where you would like to get to.  This is one of the few times where you can ignore the minute details and focus on the big picture, which can be very helpful, especially for small business owners.

Second, it gives you guidelines of how you will conduct your business in the coming year.  For instance, if you set a goal to reach out to every single customer once a month because this will allow you to develop relationships and improve customer service, everyone in the company will know how important this is.  It won’t get bogged down after a few months because something else suddenly came up.

Finally, goal setting provides excitement and motivation.  When you have something to work towards, it makes the day to day routine a lot more fun and makes the impossible seem achievable.  It creates a culture of success and gets everyone in the company looking forward to a successful future.

When setting goals, it is important to limit the amount of goals you end up creating.  Make them as broad or as specific as possible, but don’t list every single thing that you want to do.  Use bigger goals to show the most important ideas and create a strong vision.  Also, you should always try to make some goals more easily reached than others.  Setting goals that are too easy does not create a strong drive, but setting goals that seem impossible can be stressful.  Try setting smaller goals that will lead to larger, more ambitious ones.

Finally, make sure everyone knows the goals.  Discuss them in teams, and lay out a framework for working towards them so everyone knows how they can help get the company where it needs to be.  This will stimulant creative thinking, innovative ideas, and corporate drive.  With everyone on the same page, the next year is sure to as good as it gets.

What are your goals for 2009?

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2 Responses to Goal Setting Can Lead to an Innovative Year

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