Fliggo, Obama, and Other Thoughts

fliggoAfter reading this article in TechCrunch yesterday, I decided to do a little research on Fliggo.com.  Fliggo allows you to create your own video sharing site, your own YouTube in a way.  I see a lot of potential in their service and started to brainstorm a few ways that this could be used.

It would be a great tool for companies to host online training videos for new hires.  It can be branded and customized, closed or open, and allow for alerts, comments, and ratings.  All company training videos can be posted in the right order, and link to and from training sheets and workbooks.

Consultants could use it to showcase ideas and strategies to potential clients.  Friends and family can use it to share videos and comments in a private space.  Certainly entertainers can create their own dedicated space to draw new fans and entertain their devout followers.  And non-profit organizations and interest groups can use it to build their community and share their message.

There are many more things that Fliggo could be used for, and I expect that if they follow the path of Ning, which did this for social networks, they will successfully launch a paid version.  I myself just created a community at http://innovate.fliggo.com as an extension of this blog.  Please go there, sign up for free, and join. There are no videos up there now but I am working on some ideas for the near future.  Feel free to upload and share your own videos.  Tell the community what you are doing to innovate, or any ideas you might have on the subject.  I look forward to seeing them.

On another note, I found this quite interesting.  It is a breakdown of specific word usage in Presidential speeches, comparing Obama to all past presidents.  The one thing that struck me was that he used the word “entrepreneurs” more than any other president.  In an economy like this, it is important to have a president that not only supports small business creation, but also recognizes the need for small business growth to help the total economic turnaroundWhat stands out to you?

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