Fire Yourself

March 1, 2009

youre-firedDo yourself a favor, fire yourself.  You are not good at handling those customer service calls, it takes time away from your day when you could be doing much more important things.  You are not good at collecting marketing and press related leads, and you don’t know what to say when you get a hold of them.  You are not good at filling out your taxes and handling the accounting, and you make too many mistakes.

As an entrepreneur, you may be good at a lot of things, but you also may be in dark when it comes to many tasks.  You should never be afraid to admit to your flaws or shortcomings.  Once your business is up and running, look for help.  You can always find people to do the things that you are not so good at.  Hire interns, hire friends, outsource your work, it all works.

The main reason that entrepreneurs don’t do this is because they are afraid.  They are afraid to let go of certain areas of the business because they don’t think that other people will try as hard.  As long as I am responsible for that, you’ll think, it will get done right.  The problem is, you will get so tied down in those menial tasks that you won’t have time to evaluate the business on the large scale and find new opportunities for growth.  You will stay as small as you are right now, forever.

When things stay the same, you are not innovating. You are not giving yourself a chance to grow, or try new things, or find new customers.  You are limiting yourself.

As an entrepreneur, the best thing you do is probably sell, or network, or market.  Focus on growing the business, and find people you can trust to handle the day to day tasks.  You will find yourself to be a lot happier at work, and you will free yourself up to continued success.

It takes a real forward thinking man or woman to fire yourselfDo it today.

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