Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

I decided to close this month with a recap of some of the most popular posts thus far in 2009. It has been a solid three months on Be Innovation, as we have seen traffic continue to rise on a weekly basis.  Daily visitors are up 400% from what they were in December, and I have tripled the number of subscribers I had at that point.

I appreciate all of my readers, and especially thank those of you who have joined in the conversation, either through guest posts, emails, or comments.  I hope you continue to do so as we work to provide new and fresh content all the time.

For those who may have missed out on some of the most popular and discussed posts of this year, here is a short recap:

  1. Lend a Finger – This was a very meaningful post to me marking my father’s birthday one year after he passed away.  I discussed the need for charity and the fact that in today’s world, it does not take much to give back and help others.  The response I got (ie. retweets, emails, donations, linkbacks) was incredible.
  2. 13 Ways to Make Google Adwords Work for You – Many companies are taking advantage of Google’s advertising program to make money online.  However, the majority of advertisers are wasting money because they don’t pay attention to some simple steps you can take to increase your Adwords ROI.  Follow these 13 strategies and I guarantee better results.
  3. Hire a Social Media Manager and Start Talking – This post related to news that many companies had started using social media to interact with customers.  Though this is a good thing, and a trend that should continue to grow, there are ways that you can approach the social web to make the whole experience more worth your while.
  4. Steve Jobs to Take Over at GM – TechCrunch ran an article with an open letter to President Obama, explaining that if the auto industry is to regroup and revitalize itself, they should look to innovative leaders like Steve Jobs.  I posted a follow up with thoughts and explaination, backing the controversial article.
  5. Where is our News Going? – This post was interesting, because when I wrote it I was not sure what kind of response it would get.  It is a commentary about the lack of power that major news organizations have nowadays, and some possible suggestions that many people have offered and questioned that could help out those news organizations looking to move forward.

Moving forward, I hope to continue at the pace we have built up over the first three months of the year.  I will continue to post 3-4 new articles each week, and welcome all guest posts.  Just email me your ideas and we can get started.  Thanks again to all my readers and subscribers.

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  1. Neha says:

    is the oanriigl: How To Create A Good Follow Up Email | Perfect funded Proposal … tags: always-the-most, much-every, prospect, say-first, the-best, the-most | Google Email

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