General Electric Sees Innovation as the Cure

healthymagination-ge-new-planSome companies live on innovation and creativity.  General Electric (GE) is one of those companies.  A few years ago, when they decided that it was time to invest in energy efficiency, they rolled out a new initiative called “Ecomagination”.  The result was a new found interest in alternative energy sources, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

Recently, a new issue has risen to the head of the line at General Electric, healthcare.  Already one of the leaders in innovative health care equipment, GE has decided to invest in creating a sustainable healthcare industry that makes it more affordable and more accessible to everyone.  Appropriately, the new project is called “Healthymagination“.

As outlined by GE in their announcement yesterday, the primary goals of the Healthymagination project are simple.  Reduce costs of many procedures and process through technology and efficiency of systems.  Increase access to state of the art health care through technology and education in areas of the world where health care has fallen behind.  Improve the quality of health care for patients through innovations that simplify procedures and accelerate the standards of care.

Achieving these goals, however, will be difficult.  It will take a lot of time and energy on the part of GE and their partners to take on a project of this magnitude.  But after the success of the Ecomagination project, anything is possible.

It takes a company like this to help kick start a movement.  With this type of investment from General Electric, other companies and organizations will be drawn into the mix, and we can see health care innovations that move entire societies forward.

By taking advantage of new technologies to streamline processes, digitalize medical records, and improve the quality of machines and treatments, GE and others should be able to conquer many of the pre-existing troubles that the health care industry has dealt with for years.

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4 Responses to General Electric Sees Innovation as the Cure

  1. KrisBelucci says:

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your site.

  2. Palak says:

    There would be very few organizations we call recall,which have a strong driving force like GE.All that happens is driven by a GE equation.
    Check out this equation,which drives GE’s innovative nature:

  3. watch5 says:

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