A Case of the Mondays

office-spaceA surefire way to bogged down by routines is to come in every Monday morning after a nice relaxing weekend and do the exact same thing you always do.

Most people use the better part of Monday before noon to clear their inbox of all the emails that have accumulated over the weekend, update yourself on the to-do list you carried over from last week, and catch up on some work that you left over from Friday.  And before you know it, you are moving through your week the same way you do every week.  And even though this is what feels comfortable and efficient, it will never create the need or desire to create or innovate.

So here is a thought.  In order for your business to thrive and grow, you need to be thinking outside the box.  To help spur new thoughts and creative vision, you need to do something different.  Use Mondays as routine busters, because if you take the time to throw yourself off a bit, then your mind will have more freedom to roam and create.

Take your breakfast at a place you’ve never been before.  Stay away from the computer.  Read a magazine article.  Take a pad and a pen and just start making lists.

Keep your mind active, but also free to wander. Take a walk, listen to music, keep your distance from work.  If you have the ability to stay out of the office, this is the time to do it, though you can certainly do these things at the office as well.

I know that eventually you have to get to your emails, you have to finish those boring, endless tasks that you’ve been chipping away at, but there is plenty of time for that as you move through the week.  A little time to think on a Monday morning can be just the medicine you need to help avoid the weekly routines and help you concentrate on the big picture.

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2 Responses to A Case of the Mondays

  1. Nogz says:

    This post reminds me of communism.

    Not in a political/economical sense, but something that sounds like it could work on paper, but doesn’t it real life.

    However, the more i thought about it, the more it grew on me. Yeah, communism didn’t work, but even the united states took some if its ideals and applied them. Hey, maybe we can’t take a walk every Monday because the boss is breathing down our neck. But when S/he goes to the conference in Tampa on Thursday, we can do it then.

    Good post Zach. in order to be innovative, i think we definitely need some time away from the tedium of spreadsheets and emails.

  2. watch5 says:

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