Direct Comparison Ads: Do They Work Best?

49d620c72962eAdvertising works when it is done right. There is no question in that.  Companies spend millions of dollars on ad campaigns trying to target the right market and convince them of something.

I have always been somewhat of a self-appointed critic of advertising.  Partially because of my fascination with the industry and partially because I have very strong opinions.  I love investigating what the ad is saying, where the message is coming from, and whether or not it is successful.

Sometimes you see an ad on TV and you think to yourself, how did this make it out of the original brainstorming discussion?  Other times you see something that blows you away and you wonder how someone could dream it up.

Lately there is an intriguing trend that I thought was worth analyzing.  Direct comparison ads are becoming quite popular, and companies are sticking with them for an extended period of time.  So one has to think that they see better results.

Direct comparison ads, for the sake of this post, are any advertisement that calls out the competition blatantly and says why one product is better than the other.  Some companies that are currently running these type of ads are Microsoft (vs Apple), Apple (vs PCs), 5 Hour Energy (vs Energy Drinks), Time Warner (vs Verizon Fios), Dominoes (vs Subway/Quiznos), and Total Cereal (vs Go Lean).  There are many others as well but that is enough to prove my point.

This has long been a popular style of advertising, going right after the competition and trying to lure away customers because of a claim that you are better.  That are rules and guidelines surrounding it, and you have to be careful about what you do and do not say about the competition.  But, if executed well, these companies have seen that the effects can be strong.

For a long time Apple ate away at the market for personal computers with their “Mac/PC” ads showcasing how easy Macs were to use.  Now, Microsoft has countered with ads featuring “real people” looking for new computers and choosing the more affordable, just as useful, Dell or HPs with Windows.  And those ads have resulted in a spike in purchased of those PCs over Apple Computers.

My only issue with this type of ad campaign is that you run the risk of sounding bad.  Personal attacks against other brands can come back to bite you if A) They are found to be incorrect or B) The competition changes something to top you.  Personally, I have found that Time Warner makes some useless claims in their direct comparison ads (such as comparing the ease of reading the bill with that of Fios).  I have Time Warner, and the bill is confusing.

What do you think?  Do you find direct comparison to be effective?  Let me know why or why not in the comments below.

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22 Responses to Direct Comparison Ads: Do They Work Best?

  1. Timsta789 says:

    While the obvious goal of direct comparison advertisements are for companies to persuade potential customers that their product or service is superior to the competition, I almost feel as though in Apple’s case with the extended frequency of these ads they are serving two purposes: to persuade, but also to reinforce Apple’s superiority to current customers. In my opinion these constant reminders have created a loyal, cultish customer base.

  2. Zach Heller says:

    I’d have to agree with you there. Apple has done a solid job of using advertising not only to introduce new products, but to reaffirm beliefs that we already have about their brand or products. Positioning themselves, and their computers, as easy to use has gotten them a great deal of attention.

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    If you are serious on grtting your ex back but
    your partner refuses to cooperate, you need to talk to her sincerely and try to haqve a one-on-one conversation to make things better.
    If you have a problem answering either one of those questions affirmatively, then you
    may either need some serious marriage counseling or couple’s therapy.
    We have put together for you a list of inspirational
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    Yoou find yourself living in the past when it comes to your relationship.
    Once you know what the exact problem is, then you can face it hesad on and crush it.
    We both use to be afraid of saying anything to each other because we never
    knew what might set off an argument.

    The paradox of the internet is that as thhe world is getting more connected, people are also getting
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    This lust could go onn and on ffor some people.
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    As Christ hass forgiven us even though we don’t deserdve it, we should also forgive
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    not based on fear but should empower and make you feel good about yourself and your
    life. Talk about the thungs you don’t lke with each other and remember to be sensitive and respectful to each others’ feelings while
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