Heritage of Innovation Podcasts

HP-LogoThis morning, I was informed of a series of Podcasts entitled “The Heritage of Innovation“.  The podcasts will feature interviews with employees of Hewlett Packard discussing various innovations and creations from over the years.

The first in the series is an interview with Dave Cochran, the product manager of the groundbreaking HP-35 calculator.  This was the first calculator that could perform all the functions of a slide rule, and it could fit in a pocket – an achievement that was incomprehensible at its time. Dave shares a lot of experiences and anecdotes about his work with Bill Hewlett and David Packard, along with stories about other team members including Steve Wozniak.

Take a moment to check them out here.


2 Responses to Heritage of Innovation Podcasts

  1. Tim Rueb says:

    Thanks! Always looking for a great podcast! Some really great stuff out there for people to get a quick education on.

  2. watch5 says:

     I was actually looking for this resource a few weeks back. Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.This will absolutely going to help me in my projects .

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