Some Rankings that Made My Day

July 1, 2009

As a blogger, it always nice when someone finds a way to highlight you.  It means that you are reaching people, that you are gaining respect, and that the knowledge you are trying to spread is being heard.


Yesterday I was directed to this site.  It is a blog ranking site and one of the categories that they ranked is Innovation.  So I gave it a look.


And sitting there, amongst a number of other great blogs, some of them far better known then mine, was Be Innovation.


Some Highlights:


Overall Ranking – #48

Rank by RSS Subscribers – #9

Rank by Monthly Visitors – #18

Rank by Incoming Links – #37

Rank by Technorati – #22


Thanks for reading and getting this blog some attention.  I appreciate it each and every day.  Post by post, I’ll continue to climb the lists.