Drive Traffic to Your Blog

It’s funny.  I have owned this website,, for two years.  I used to blog at a very good pace, averaging a couple of posts per week.  I was getting really into and then all of the sudden, back in September when I started my new job, I just stopped.  I had less time on my hands and I lost the will to really commit to writing new posts.

Then, a few days ago I got an email reminder from GoDaddy.  The domain was about to expire and I had to decide whether or not to commit to it again.  Since it is relatively cheap I decided to renew, knowing that eventually I would want to own the website again.

This morning I logged on for the first time in months, and low and behold the traffic to my site is up.  It’s been going up the whole time.  The date of my last blog post was September 22nd, and since that day I have had 4 of my most active days yet.  Traffic in November and December are up over this time last year when I was writing very frequently.

So my advice to anyone trying to start their won blog is just do it.  Just write something.  People will come.

Obviously that is terrible advice but it works for me.  Thanks to all my readers and happy holidays!


2 Responses to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

  1. Melia Foks says:

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  2. watch5 says:

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