Are the People Behind the Movie ‘Avatar’ Spamming Me?

I operate a couple of different blogs, including this one, and I can’t help but think that “Avatar” is spamming me all over the place.

It has become one of the latest “spammy” things to do, comment on millions of blogs with links back to your site within the comment or the “name” field.  If the comments don’t go through an approval process, they go live on the web for all search engines to see.  Links back to the site help overall search engine rankings and the practice is a success.

As a blogger, I find the practice disgusting.  But as a marketer, if it works, it works.

And no one is beyond it.  Lately I have been getting hundreds of comments about the movie Avatar on multiple blogs with links back to some various fan sites and movie reviews.  Who is behind this? Do the people promoting the movie even know about this?  If they do, are the happy with it?

I wish there was a website that announced to the world what companies were doing this and created a massive blacklist of comments to erase from the web forever.  I was never going to see the movie Avatar, and now even more I will go out of my way to stop others from seeing it as well.

Stop the SPAM!


3 Responses to Are the People Behind the Movie ‘Avatar’ Spamming Me?

  1. cade says:

    I found a website with the movie Avatar on it.

  2. Nice post, intresting read. Keep posting and I’ll come back for some more reading! Thanks!

  3. watch5 says:

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