France Hates Innovation

This piece from is yet another describing the futile attempts by people who are uneasy about the changes brought about by digital content.

In this latest one, it appears that the French Government has decided that it might be a good idea to tax successful online companies in order to help unsuccessful companies.  They think that taxing a company like Google, who has figured out what people want to do, and need to do online, is the way to help other companies who have failed to see the wave of the future and continue to lose money because of free content.

Let’s face it people, there will always be some who do not like change.  But this is the way the world is moving.  I have written about it on this blog.  Many others have written about it on their blogs.

If a company exists that used to make money because they produced highly sought content, and is now losing money because of competition, why does the government or anybody else have any right to just give them money.  Either figure out how to compete in this new market, or fail.  Those are your options.

Besides the fact that what the French government is trying to do might be illegal, its just plain stupid.  Competition moves us forward.  Free content is working.  Don’t punish the people that have seen the future and moved us there for the sake of saving the near-sighted companies that thought the world would never change.


4 Responses to France Hates Innovation

  1. kevin pruett says:

    Zach “The Libertarian” Heller … i like it

  2. NN says:

    Is it that insane that France can take a few euros here and there off google (which they won’t miss anyway) if they send it towards arts projects? It’s a tax to aid culture. I think there are certainly more heinous things in the world. And in the eyes of the artists who are receiving the benefits of this tax, this is pretty innovative…

  3. Zach Heller says:

    NN, its not insane. I disagree with it. I doubt it’s legal. And I don’t think there is anything innovative about it from “the arts” side of things. Preserving culture is one thing, but this sounds like its going to be used to help people who are trying to profit from doing things the old way.

  4. watch5 says:

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