About Me

I write to drive ideas forward. My name is Zach Heller and I have always been interested in the things we do as people and companies to change the world. This blog is about just that, the innovators within our global society. Enjoy…

Additionally, I welcome all collaborators, ideas, thoughts, concerns, and theories. If you know a real innovator, let me know. I would love to hear what you have to say about anything at all. Feel free to email me at ztheller@gmail.com.

And finally, I’ve got a new blog over at www.zachhellermarketing.com.

Freelance and Ghostwriting:

I am an experienced ghostwriter. I have written a book that is currently in production. In addition, I have written many blogs and articles for production online. I am available to write or consult for any type of piece. Contact me to discuss rates or for more information.


With the rate that this blog has been growing in the past few months, we are now looking for advertisers.  For information about advertising on Be Innovation, please contact me, ztheller@gmail.com.  There are multiple options and rates that fit everyone’s budget.


One Response to About Me

  1. I have no background in business, but I have ideas. If you are looking to poke at some brains, let me know.

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