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Innovation drives cultures.  It drives people, it drives commerce, it drives society.  Innovation, at its core, lives within each and every one of us.  It is the ideas deep down within that are bubbling to come out.  It is the knowledge that keeps building and growing until we unleash it on the world.

Today, the world is ready for innovators.  People that take strides to shakes things up and move us forward as a community.  Innovation can take place in all industries, in all aspects of life.  Real innovation not only leads to a more efficient society, but a stronger, healthier society.

When a car company tells you that they are changing the way you drive, they are talking about innovation.  They are creating a more comfortable ride with better fuel efficiency.  Not only are the saving you money and stress, they are creating something that makes the world a better place to live in.  When a small company in Toronto develops a battery that is as powerful as a gas engine they are innovating.  They are breaking through common knowledge and teaching us how to move forward.

But innovation does not happen on its own.  It takes people.  There is a line from the movie “Bruce Almighty”, though less than an average movie, that captures my point about innovation.  Jim Carrey says “Be the miracle”.  Don’t just sit back and wait for it to happen to you, make it happen.  And that is the theory about innovation.  If everyone sits around expecting someone else to change the world, nobody will.  You have to live and breathe innovation.  You have to be innovation.

This blog is dedicated to the innovator in all of us.  I invite collaboration, comments, thoughts, and ideas.  It is the social media we embrace that allows us to share ideas, to share knowledge, and to create a movement.  People, working with other people, can achieve anything.  A flow of information, at its center, is the creation of opportunity.

Innovation takes action.  Do it, live it, be it…


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