NY Times Allows Adam Raff to take out Personal Vendetta against Google

December 28, 2009

Here is an op-ed piece in yesterday’s New York Times about “Search Neutrality“.

Before I respond, its only fair to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and so Adam Raff is not wrong for writing this piece.  A lot of his points, upon further investigation, are wrong.

It does not take long, only a couple of paragraphs, to discover that Adam Raff is not in favor of Google for a reason.  He blames the failure of his company, Foundem, on Google’s “decision” not to rank them near the top of search results for product comparison.  More likely, the website was not favored by people on the web, or was not refined to show up for relevant searches.  I doubt very much that Google took the time to single them out and destroy their chance at success.  But that is not for me to say.

Here are a couple of other issues I have with Adam’s rant:

1. Google only controls so much of the search market because their service is better.  People have a choice when it comes to searching the internet, and we choose Google because we like their results more than others.  Why mandate changes to those results when they are the reason people choose them over competitors?

2. Youtube is the most popular video sharing site.  Why shouldn’t that show up over other videos?  Google was smart enough to buy them.

3. Google being innovative has really nothing to do with the companies they have purchased.  They just have better business sense, and the ability to foresee how we will use the internet, than other companies.  Their ability to incorporate all of these services in their core business, and make it both free and easy to use, is what makes them far more innovative than Mr. Raff gives them credit for.

4. Google Maps is better than MapQuest.  If it wasn’t, Google would not be able to use it the way they do.  The same is true for almost all Google services when compared to the competitors that they successfully “took down”.

Don’t penalize Google for being the best.  And definitely don’t force your opinions on us just because you blame Google for your failure.