Crisis Mode

September 22, 2008

If you read the news, it’s tough to stay optimistic. And because I sit at a computer most of the day, both at work and at home, and because I like to stay on top of what’s going on in my world, it’s hard not to read. There are a few pieces today that caught my eye today.

The first, on CNN, is about the impending oil prices that may have started to kick into gear. Though the prices had dropped over the past month or so, we saw a huge spike today and there is bound to be expensive gas in our future.

The second, from TIME, is a commentary on the state of the union in a post-bailout America. Through a unique comparison between what we are doing and the French system of government, it is apparent that we may be hurting our “capitalistic” ways.

There are problems in this country right now, there is no denying that. And this election can do a lot to define where we are headed as far as fighting those problems. But there is too much work to be done to rely on candidates and government alone. Despite the recent doubt in many large companies, the best solutions to our problems have always come from the private sector.

Innovative minds must prevail. Think long and hard about where we are and how we’ve gotten here. A lot of times there are easy solutions out there if you just approach the problem from a fundamental point of view. We need to solve the energy crisis now, before it becomes as bad as the financial crisis, which is not that far off. And we can do it in a way that helps to rebuild our country.

In the next ten years, what we do as far as energy is concerned will determine the fate of our planet. New companies will form around the clean energy platform. Existing companies will shift focus to address new concerns. Huge amounts of capital will be laid out to develop infrastructure and materials. But in the end we will succeed, and success will come from the ground up. Be innovation, think clean.


Air-Powered Cars and Recommended Reading

August 9, 2008

This story caught my attention today. highlighted a company that is set to produce the first air-powered car by 2010. The car runs on compressed air, which essentially gets over 100 mpg. According to the article, the technology has been created by a European firm, MDI. It recently gave it’s first license to use the technology in the US to a New York based company, Zero Pollution Motors.

This will no doubt start a heated debate about the possibility of further development of this and similar technologies. There are plenty of skeptics out there, and this type of idea is sure to cause a commotion. If, in fact, this creation comes to fruition, it would be one of the best solutions to date for the rising oil crisis. Very innovative indeed.

For more thoughts and ideas on innovation, please check out my new recommended reading section. I have started to assemble a collection of books that discuss, empower, and inspire innovators everywhere. It is small to start, and only includes books that I have personally read. If you have any suggestions on books that should be listed please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you and adding to the collection rapidly.