Innovative Business Masterminds

November 25, 2008

inovasi_4When you’re ready to stop talking innovation, and start doing it…

IBM basically stole their tagline from my blog, but I’m not complaining.  They could have thrown a little credit my way, but I don’t expect it.  Why this blog is not part of IBM’s group of blogs is beyond me.

Innovative Business Masterminds.  It’s not what IBM stands for, but it might as well be.  And by masterminds, I mean both the actual machines that they produce, but also the systems they have in place, and the people behind the scenes.  IBM is a brilliant company that supports the success and development of many other companies.  As they rise, we rise.

Between the research that they do, the computer systems and data technology that they produce, and the corporate technology consulting business, IBM has long established their place in the world economy.  And now, IBM is taking action in an area that is of interest to me.

Project Blue Spruce is a new collaboration platform that IBM is currently working on as part of a move into online collaboration and social networking.  The goal is to set up an easy to use platform for anyone to meet and collaborate online.  Differing from existing web based platforms, this will be a completely shared environment that you can access with a server and a browser.  You’ll be able to download and share all tools and capabilities associated with the space, and work with people anywhere in the world.

This fits in with their plan to develop social networking tools for business that they announced earlier this year.  This shift is one that is both necessary, and brilliant.  IBM will originally use their social network developments to interact within the company, their partners, and their customers.  This will give them a real life testing agent, as well as help them collaborate to make new systems more useful and intuitive.

I am a huge proponent of collaborative work.  In my opinion, working with others is the best way to develop truly innovative and new ideas.  And social media has taken us into an era where online collaboration is easier than ever before.  As internet access continues to open up to the masses, and physical distance becomes irrelevant, technologies like this will allow us to do anything we want to do.  The future is one of mass innovation, collaboration, and change.  And IBM is helping to take us there.

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March Madness

June 17, 2008

Success is not a winner take all game.  It’s not division 1 college basketball. You see, in division 1 college basketball, there are very few, if not only one winner.  It doesn’t matter how good your season was, it will almost certainly end in a loss.  The only teams that end the year with a win are the national champs, the winner of the NIT Tournament, and a few terrible teams that don’t even qualify for their conference tournaments.  It is the sport with the fewest winners at the end of the year, the ultimate test.

The point is, the business world is not like that.  In fact, when the economy is working like it should, and businesses are acting responsibly, it should work exactly the opposite.  There is room for success for all companies.  Sure competition is important, and there is only so much market share to go around in certain industries.  But you can always carve out your niche and achieve the type of success that you want without destroying everyone around you.

I am not trying to kill the competitive drive inside each one of us.  All I am saying is that there is a point when people can become hyper-competitive and lose the point of starting a business in the first place.  We should not try to achieve total domination of a market, we should try to achieve something that helps your customers.

Find the part of the market that fits your company’s strategies and go after it.  Once you have it, you can extend your offerings or marketing strategy to chip away at other segments of the market.  That is how to grow a business and that is the mindset that will lead to success.  Ridding yourself of that winner take all mentality will open you up to collaboration, outside help, and joint ventures that will lead to greater successes in business and in life.