Why Shouldn’t We All be Green?

October 2, 2008

Every company is going to be a green company. That would be asking a lot. But are we asking enough?

What if every new business created had to do one thing that was good for the environment? What if every public company had to donate a certain percentage of revenues to green organizations? What if advertising agencies had to have a certain percentage of green clients?

Is it too much to ask that we hold people accountable for their public actions? No company is going to sit there and say that they don’t care about the future of our planet. So why don’t we put measures in place to help them along? Let’s set some guidelines.

What if gave incentives to research new technologies? Why don’t we pay companies who are truly sustainable? What if we did not allow companies to obtain patents unless they met certain green standards?

A friend of mine told me a business idea that he had yesterday. It was basically taking an existing model and relating it to the green movement, in essence making money by helping businesses that have met certain environmental standards. “Great idea,” I said.

Is it too much to ask companies to take some initiative? Is it too much to ask to take steps towards a cleaner future?

I don’t think so.