Video Sharing, Hulu Advertises It

May 4, 2009

Hulu is making big moves to become the most prominent online video website.  Following up news that they had officially become the 3rd most popular video site on the web, Disney joined co-founders NBC Universal and News Corp., taking a 30% stake in the growing company.

hulu-logoHow are they growing so fast in a crowded space, where online video has been dominated by prominent players, including Google’s Youtube?  It’s actually pretty easy.  Develop a quality product that offers different content, that has previously been hard to get.  Sign exclusive partnership deals with content providers.  And market it well.

Hulu, unlike a lot of social media companies, has spent a great deal of money on Television advertising.  By combining fun commercials with big celebrity names, they have successfully tied in the commercials to an overall marketing campaign that aims to turn Hulu into the #1 video site out there.

Thier most recent addition to the “We’re Aliens” commercials was featured in this blog post on TechCrunch last week.  It shows “alien” Dennis Leary discussing the ability to share videos on Hulu anywhere on the web, tapping right into the whoe theory of social media and viral marketing.

This creative campaign has turned heads, and along the way has turned internet users into Hulu extremists.  The website has amassed a large following, and the future looks very bright.

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