Krispy Kreme Contest thats Spreadable

August 17, 2009

krispykremeWe love to highlight companies that are doing something that has the potentially to virally spread from person to person, from website to website, and from network to network.

This time, its the donut industry leader, Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme is holding a contest to find their biggest fans.  Contestants will submit photos with a short caption to explain how Krispy Kreme has made their lives better.  Winners will get a year’s supply of donuts, a trip to Krispy Kreme headquarters, and a chance to design and name their own donut.

The idea of asking your customers to design or build a product of yours is becoming increasingly popular.  And this is a generally new way of doing it, holding a contest for everyone and allowing one winner to design the donut. I think because of that, this contest has the potential to get a lot of attention online.

To view more about the contest and enter to win, visit the website here.