Anyone that plays lottery does not just do that but the intention is to win. However winning is never guaranteed and that is why we have winners and losers. Before discussing which lotteries one can play and have higher chances to win, one needs to get to know what a 4D lottery is first.

4d result

What is a 4D lottery?

Before getting to know which 4D lottery this is, one needs to know what 4D lottery is. The D in the 4D stands for digits. This form of lottery is mostly famed among Malaysian gamblers. One bets on a 4-digit number anywhere between 0000 and 9999 in this fixed odds game. There are twenty-three winning numbers in every round that one plays.

Best types of 4D lottery

4D has mainly two types of bets, there is the Small Bet and the Big Bet. With the Big Bet, one bets a number that will be among the 23 numbers set to win a prize. The price will be in any of the 5 categories. With the small, one wins a prize only if 4D number is among the top three prize categories. The 4d result will be release after 7pm on every 4d bet day. Players can check the 4d result via online or their smart phone apps.

Having looked at this, it is prudent to ask, “Which is the best 4D lottery to play and have a higher chance to win?”

Best 4D Lottery To Play and Have A Higher Chance To Win

There is nothing like the best 4D lottery to play and have a higher chance to win. What is available is a number of tips and tricks that can ensure that one plays and has a higher chance to win. The tips and tricks are but not limited to:

1. Knowledge of the Game’s Basic Requirements

A requirement of the game is that one buys 4d online results coming from a choice of numbers from 0000 to 9999. Winning a prize occurs when the number, one selects matches any of the numbers drawn in the draw results. After this, knowledge of two events is very important. The first event is of the weekly draws which occur on every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. The second event is the special draw 4D that occurs on selected Tuesdays and it is normally a special draw date.

2. Specialize in a Specific Method of Play

There are mainly 3ways of playing 4D games which are either ordinary entry or permutations or roll entry. The permutations method is the one that is highly recommended as it gives one extra chance of winning with smaller bets.

3. Prize Structure knowledge

This knowledge puts one at ease and playing becomes fun. There are 5 different prizes that can be won with 4D games. There are the normal first, second, and third. The remaining two are very specials they occur only in 4D games. There is ten special and the fifth one is the ten consolation prizes. The prizes normally come in a tabulated form.

4. A Choice Of Betting Between Big And Small

One always has two choices to buy and bet with. There is the big as well as the small buy. With a big buy one can win if the number drawn matches any winning number in the 23numbers that are drawn.

However, with a small buy one wins 4d results if the drawn number matches the first, the second or the third prize. Since there is a smaller chance to win, the win is bigger. The best part of this trick is to mix the buys. One should buy both small and big and when the time comes for the draws then, there is an expectation of prizes from both sides with the small buy attracting several prizes.

5. Knowledge of One’s Play Slip

This is basically a reflection on what one has to gamble with, that is why it is referred to as knowledge of one’s pay slip. Bet sparingly by letting the computer generate a lucky number. Should a loss occur, then one will not feel a lot of remorse but blame the computer for the loss. It is normally stated that gambling is addictive and therefore the need for one to have limits, and if they are not set then limits can be transgressed resulting in disaster.

6. One Needs a Lot of Patience

The truth about betting is that no one ever wins with the first bet except the one who comes with super luck. It takes time for one to get to know how the turf is, check as many winning patterns as possible in order to get to know exactly what is happening. This obviously takes time and all this time involves money. Therefore, one will lose a lot of it before striking the jackpot one day.


This is all that it takes to be able to take advantage of the 4D lottery and win. It needs a proper strategy, patience and good observation to be able to put all the lessons into action. Although many people talk about luck in gambling, there is a lot of work that is put into place in order to reach the eventuality of a win. It is not a get rich quick game, but a systematic approach that calls for dedication in all that one does. One should let every step count by ascertaining that it finds its place in history which will help in the future.